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In February 2020 and my eighth year of running a vintage clothing business, I knew it was the right time to move forward with my goal of moving into Fashion education. However, the next month, Covid hit, placing my dreams on hold for almost two years.

When possible, I finally took my level 3 in Teaching and Education and completed an Open University Postgraduate Micro-credential called 'Online Teaching: Creating Courses for Adult Learners'. With the massive shift to online learning during the pandemic, I felt this was an exciting and highly relevant course to add to my teaching education.

For my course assignment, I constructed the outline of a module for first-year fashion students titled 'Sustainable Fashion in Context'. The course explored the history of environmentalism and sustainability in the 20th Century, current environmental and social issues within the fashion industry and finally the future of fashion. Where is the fashion industry headed and what solutions are being put forward to tackle these devastating issues?

In February 2022, I decided to repurpose my old vintage clothing blog set up in 2012, to share my research.


About my business, Bristol Saint (written in 2016)

Bristol Saint Vintage offers affordable and one off vintage clothing via ASOS Marketplace and local vintage fairs. We individually handpick (sometimes rework) and photograph each and every item to give you the best quality and on trend stock.

I'm Linda Bennett, owner of Bristol Saint Vintage and I love fashion. Specifically, affordable fashion that is responsibly sourced and produced. I studied Fashion Promotion and Imaging at university and whilst there, spent a lot of money on clothes (and I mean A LOT). Clothing became almost disposable. Wearing something once or twice, then donating to charity and buying more (hey, at least it was donated!)
I wanted to change the way I shopped.
From 2013-2014, I only bought second hand clothing. Yep, one whole year of not buying from the high street. It forced me to get creative and really THINK about what I was buying.

As an independent vintage brand, we have the freedom, passion and time to source our vintage clothing from local and responsible sellers.
We cherish each and every customer (and window shopper) by giving a friendly and individual service that you can't always get from the high street. Maybe that's why we have a 100% positive feedback rating.

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